Our Story


In the summer of 2014, a small team of people ranging from recent college grads to married couples with kids came to Santa Barbara with a mission to spread the gospel and build up God's church on the UCSB campus. For many of us, college was the momentous and decisive time when Christ's all-consuming call to discipleship grabbed a hold of our hearts and our lives, and we experienced the richness of a biblical, counter-cultural Christian community. It’s an experience we want to replicate for others – our dream is to see an Acts 2 church in every college town. And so we left our spiritual home at Gracepoint Berkeley Church and moved to sunny Santa Barbara.

Now in 2019, we are in our sixth year here at UCSB. Our congregation is a multi-ethnic community, composed largely of college students from various backgrounds. Some grew up in church, while others never dared step into a church. Some have questions about God and are seeking answers. Others want to be discipled to become the next generation of Christ-followers to shape the world. Meanwhile, we continue to partner with our sister churches in Gracepoint Ministries, including our newest church, Gracepoint Chicago Church.

We are a member of the Gold Coast Baptist Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.

Whether you're a spiritual seeker who has questions about God, or you're a committed Christian who wants to grow, we hope you can find a spiritual home here at Gracepoint Santa Barbara Church.

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